Thursday, June 30, 2011

I made my own world out of dirt and spit...

Today was a good day. Sure the sky was cloudy, and the women evasive. However, the jamming was good. Aye, god damnit aye, the jamming was good. So was the thai food. How splendid the thai food, and the accompanying  ice teas. Clever words exchanged among peers.

Patterns dictate a horrible future. But as a currently disliked old friend would say;

Yeah, I agree.
Hope you are ill with wellness. You hear about those things? God I'm disconnected. I know nothing of what baskets baring what fruits.



I like bananas. Have some in my kitchen, you know.

Lets talk about the new Green Lantern Movie.

I enjoyed watching Ryan whatsit pretend he could act. It wasn't too shabby pretending. It was acting like he could act, which I guess is good enough.

The turns in the story are easily foreshadowed to the point of boredom, and the cocky turned humbleness of protagonist Hal is expected to say the least. Of course by the side of the latter development, comes the originally nice but misunderstood minor antagonist who only wished for knowledge and love, only to become the villain and dies horribly. Go fucking figure.

Blake Lively is fuckable, and the special effects are shiny, especially in 3-D. Go watch it with the intentions of; mutual masturbation through a tub of pop corn, being really high, or having nothing better to do with 10 spot burning a hole in your pocket.

~Xavier R.

p.s. A few moments ago it sounded like a killer robot was outside my door. I think my lack of interest scared it away.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How long? Not long.

The world is healthy, the world is safe
Yet how long as it been since I've seen a butterfly
The world is strong, the world is sturdy
Yet how many quakes have stirred and cracked
The world is clean, the world is pure
Yet how the air smells and tastes of rot
The world is radiant, the world is wise
Yet why does it continue to let us live?

I know why...

Because I pray to Jesus every night.

~Xavier R.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's cool, man

About to watch Romans rape and kill each other. Spicy burritos. I fucked your mom.

Short post. Xavier gives this many fucks; 0.

Good day,

~Xavier R.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I left work an hour ago at six am.

It was dark and it was rainy, rainier then it had been the last few rainy days had been, which had been pretty rainy in their own regard. You know what I smelled, breathing deep the anchorage air?


This is a sentiment I can get behind. I imagined a grizzled old man, bearded and dressed only in a wife beater and oiled stained jeans: kinda like Willy Nelson, except my man drinks Old English and smokes way more marijuana.

He has 3 freezers full of meat and he has twice as many guns as he does grandchildren (of which he has dozens), he probably just fucked 3 women half his age and you know what's gonna do?

Barbeque a fuckin' stake.

As I drove home, to do things far less manly, I realize this is a man I want to emulate. I think we should all emulate. I think before you do anything, you should as your self, what would he do?

Did the old man that lives in my head think "oh gee, it's raining and it's six am, I shouldn't barbeque"? Fuck no, the rain didn't stop him from killing that moose with his teeth shortly after concussing it with his cock, why would it stop him from slathering that bitch in Jack Daniels and cooking it rare?.

And really, barbequing in the rain? That's for pussies anyway. He'd barbeque in the middle of winter, then he'd piss some malt liquor onto the neighbor kids snow man, because they're annoying little shits.

You've got to go beyond just thinking with your stomach. You've got to start thinking with your balls.

Whats a fucking hibachi? Pussy speak for a cock toaster?

You're all fucking pussies.

Big Mike.