Friday, March 30, 2012

Yeah, it's been a minute...

It's been awhile since I have attempted to go on and on about a bunch of whatever on this website. I remember the good ol days, when I would get drunk, make sex jokes, post songs or retarded pictures, and randomly spout musings on upper echelon artsy crap. Ah, the feeling of having hundreds and hundreds of visitors from all over the world every day yet having very few comments or followers. Thank you, ego. Thank you a great deal.

Hey, so now I'm an account manager for a marketing company. That's a super fancy way of saying that I sell stuff. One thing I've learned from being the sort of guy that can convince people of things without lying, is that essentially everything we ever do is selling something, someone, or ourselves, to or for something, someone, or ourselves. Blowing your mind yet? Just think about what you do in life. It's a simple realization. I will now declare it for you; your mind has been blown. 

A quick topic change without foreshadowing or however you say it or whatever. When you do things with your life that require a lot of mental faculty, you find yourself "enjoying" a lot of alcohol. Just saying. Oh, here it goes again. You know. The little man with all the typical looking thrills. The big man who hates him so. The medium man who has a large will. The orgy of poetry that ensues. The fat rich white guy who eats the African children when the cameras are off. Blah blah blah philosophical blah blah. Welcome back. We havn't missed you.

Maybe I should hire a psychic. And ask them if they knew I was going to ask for one.

~Xavier R.

p.s. I didn't quite forget