Meet the Music Makers, the Dreamers of Dreams

Xavier R
A psychic and aural astronaut, Xavier is well known to commit mind crimes using low frequency sound waves. Xavier, an avid fan of music, found a mysterious binder of CD's in his dorm room and found that this mystery man had a musical taste similar to his own. He was then ambushed by a man wearing nothing but underwear. The man was screaming "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY CDS!?" they viciously beat one another until the misunderstanding was resolved. Xavier and Big Mike where fast friends ever since. Xavier is in a band he'd like you to know about. Take a listen!

Big Mike
Big Mike is a generally left-leaning guy but has grown disillusioned with progressivism, the internet's bizarre search for "Social Justice" and identity politics. He also raises, kills and eats animals. He likes noisey music, books, comics, narrative driven video games and podcasts. He hopes that one day he can make one or more of those things regularly.