Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Eyes Wide Shut

Movie Not To Watch 1 - Fast 5
Paul Walker existing, hot girls (but far too cliche in manner), stereotypical racial jokes that aren't even funny, same bullshit plot, and Paul Walker existing. What a shame, because the first two, maybe three (Tokyo Drift Doesn't count) where stomachable. Copy and paste formula doesn't work for movies. When will they learrrrrrrrn?!?!?!

I've moved on to "Understanding Physics" by Isaac Asimov, and I've got to tell you, I've never read a non-fiction  book on science that read so smooth. It's like a top shelf vodka, except I'm not calling up my last girlfriend begging for sex.

Also, I keep seeing hot chicks with douche bag supremos. Knock it off ladies. When none of us well off nice guys wanna take you when we're all in our thirties, it's because we don't think it's fair that you can spend over a decade of dating life being a shallow cunt, THEN settle down. Wanna secure your future? Fuck us now. We deserve it. Sure, we play video games, talk to ourselves, and draw violent, self loathing comics. But hey, we don't cheat, or hit, or force you to strive for perfection, because you already are. Why don't you see that, you dumb cow?
Anti Misogynist Attempt: It goes both ways, blah blah blah.

Mandatory Entry Picture

Tirade over. Commencing log off /func. Jacking off,

~Xavier R.