Big Mike's Fiction

The Holy Mountain Saga
There's something wrong with Mount Vernon. 
Mathew, a writer, comes to town to investigate. but
he soon learns he's in way over his head.

The Parade of Blood and Teeth
Part 1 - Mathew, a writer hears of a town that
lost it's entire population in a mysterious and 
bloody fashion.
Part 2 - Sarah, a waitress starts her day in 
idyllic fashion, but has the feeling something
is very wrong.

Short Stories

A detective finds an unlikely ally in his worst enemy
as they both run out of town and run for their lives.

An ambitious agent in the the Guild of Darkness finds
a haunted refrigerator.

A super intelligent chimpanzee is tired of his
 neighbor's bullshit.

A zookeeper has a hippy hostage and he's going to
 find out where the zoo's armadillo is... one way or

The narrator gives up the ghost and lets go. There
 are walruses too, I guess.

A recently deceased man finds himself in a one
horse town full of dead philosophers and deities.

A new tenant in an apartment ever changing in
shape is forced to finish the business of the last.

Two men in striking hats are kicked off of their
homophobic home planet.

When a sad, lonely man looks in the mirror a clown
looks back at him. before long he's the life of the

The worlds gone mad with a disease that makes
people eat one another.

There's an abandoned building on the edge of town
that will make your most depraved fantasies come true.
however, once you visit, you'll never be the same again.