Saturday, April 7, 2012

A lot of people like the Lakers....Playlist 4.7.2012

Until I moved into a home that was deeply and emotionally invested in sports, more so basketball, more so the Lakers, I did not realize how beautiful and intricate sports were. So much involved in creating the genius that lets certain people be professionals over others. An aspect of higher understand I am beginning to give credence to. Well done, world. I have come to respect and cherish something other than what I already knew. I still want OKC to take it all. Use to be the Sonics. Go Seattle!

I wanted to tell you something, world. (Mostly Malaysia.) I think I'm in love, with something or some one.

Oh, and so me and Brandon are going to be working on a new site...its gonna be sweet. Yeah yeah, the song these songs are how I feel right now. Take that in the worst way possible.

Oh, while I was choosing songs to put up for the four of you, I came across something that reminded me of the whole white savior inferior everything else that thing that still remotely plagues this country. Doesn't matter what *cough* white musician that is "super down" with social reform in this country blah blah blah *cough* cause me to think on this. But here is a thought. Since we are ALL human beings, lets just build spaceships and shit, and go find some aliens, and either befriend them, or conquer them. I mean for crying out loud, this racism/sexism thing is getting boring. Lets meet some green people.

But yeah, the songs...In my new mood...

How does it feel?

~Xavier R.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Want to stop dying? Stop doing things that kill you...Playlist 4-3-2012

I've been seeing a lot of ads on t.v. about suing people because other people get sick from over usage. O.k., so  tobacco is one thing. Just make the shit illegal. But acetaminophen? Maybe your dumb ass shouldn't take 1000mgs of the shit 6 times a day, everyday, for any reason, for years straight. Maybe I should make a class action lawsuit, for your punk ass taking away from ad space that could be for junk food or sex hot lines. Anyways though...

Have a/an *adjective* day.

~Xavier R.