Saturday, April 7, 2012

A lot of people like the Lakers....Playlist 4.7.2012

Until I moved into a home that was deeply and emotionally invested in sports, more so basketball, more so the Lakers, I did not realize how beautiful and intricate sports were. So much involved in creating the genius that lets certain people be professionals over others. An aspect of higher understand I am beginning to give credence to. Well done, world. I have come to respect and cherish something other than what I already knew. I still want OKC to take it all. Use to be the Sonics. Go Seattle!

I wanted to tell you something, world. (Mostly Malaysia.) I think I'm in love, with something or some one.

Oh, and so me and Brandon are going to be working on a new site...its gonna be sweet. Yeah yeah, the song these songs are how I feel right now. Take that in the worst way possible.

Oh, while I was choosing songs to put up for the four of you, I came across something that reminded me of the whole white savior inferior everything else that thing that still remotely plagues this country. Doesn't matter what *cough* white musician that is "super down" with social reform in this country blah blah blah *cough* cause me to think on this. But here is a thought. Since we are ALL human beings, lets just build spaceships and shit, and go find some aliens, and either befriend them, or conquer them. I mean for crying out loud, this racism/sexism thing is getting boring. Lets meet some green people.

But yeah, the songs...In my new mood...

How does it feel?

~Xavier R.

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