Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Want to stop dying? Stop doing things that kill you...Playlist 4-3-2012

I've been seeing a lot of ads on t.v. about suing people because other people get sick from over usage. O.k., so  tobacco is one thing. Just make the shit illegal. But acetaminophen? Maybe your dumb ass shouldn't take 1000mgs of the shit 6 times a day, everyday, for any reason, for years straight. Maybe I should make a class action lawsuit, for your punk ass taking away from ad space that could be for junk food or sex hot lines. Anyways though...

Have a/an *adjective* day.

~Xavier R.

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  1. CONCUR! Except for the tobacco bit: in my book, there are no differences among the sales of tobacco, Pringles, methamphetamines, and Flintstones gummy vitamins. Consumers need to feed their brains before they feed their orifices.
    You eat a bucket of poisonous berries, you die--and you die an idiot because your village already passed out the warning flyers and put a "OOH OOO, NO EAT, UGG UGG FOR TRIBAL WARFARE BIOLOGICAL WEAPON/SUPPOSITORY PRODUCTION ONLY" sign in front of the goddamn bush.
    Thus saith the Lord.