Wednesday, October 28, 2015


*So I had actually meant to post this god damn entry on the 24th, and have some of the things mentioned within done by now, however in my severe retardation had forgotten that it had been prepared, so I did not, nor have said projects been completed yet. So I do apologize. I've been doing some awesome unrelated things, like being a fucking Rockstar. So yeah.*

walking away from a sound check, like a boss

Oh gosh, quite the plethora of activity is happening behind the scenes here. Reformatting. More music, forums, extra pages, merch, and just so GOD DAMN a flush with short story ideas that I've already gotten married and then divorced for extra inspiration.

We might even do this full time. Hmm.

*Peers into the future*

...Never mind

Regardless though, a lot of revitalized love and erotic massages are going into this. We even have a Facebook page, of which you all need to assimilate to and add. I SAID ADD. I was even considering opening an actual porno theater. Except it seats one. And it's in my basement. And the screen is my cellphone. How's that any different from me already watching Brandi Love get pounded by her pool boy on my cell phone you may ask?

It's not.

I pity the fool that doesn't rub imitation butter on his/her nipples while watching porn.

So mini posts aside, it will be a glorious hole of musing. A glory hole, one could say. Always with a happy ending.


~Xavier R.

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