Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kill The Sound

"Every I watch television, I want to put a slug right into my brain." Malcolm exclaimed hysterically as he passed the bottle of vodka over to Kel.

"Why? Suicide isn't always the answer, you know." Kel then took a swig of the booze, winced and waited, then swigged again. Malcolm then gratefully took the bottle back.

"Not a bullet. I mean an actual slug. You know, one of those brain control ones. A malicious one." He stood still, looking at the bottle, then hit it, hit it again, and then dropped an empty container in the grass, and kicked it to the side.

"Then maybe I'd get the guts to, you know, go on a killing spree." He started to wobble a bit. He received a stiff punch to the nose, which sent him into the ground.

"Ah what the fucking shit man? Why did you...why..." Malcolm flew to his feet, only to bend over and vomit until he fell back over. Kel began kicking him in the ribs until he vomited again, this time blood accompanying. Kel then pulled out his .45 glock and pointed it down at Malcolm.

"Wh...why? Why Kel? Why?" Kel then pulled the trigger, bent over, and stuck his finger in the freshly made hole. After a brief moment, he began laughing manically.

Mentos, The Fresh Maker

~Xavier R.


  1. Violent fantasies aren't wrong, so long as they stay that way.

  2. Ignore the faceless. Kill them all.

  3. @Vladix.

    I once saw a person without a face. Killing them would've been a mercy.