Friday, January 4, 2013

Fuck Steve Harvey

Anyone notice there's no musical satanic arch nemesis to conservative America anymore? Is there nothing the unclean haven't tainted? Oh the children! The children! Lets barricade ourselves in our churches and self immolate as a protest for common decency.

15 years ago mainstream musicians stopped trying to schlockily piss off parents and decided to see who could be the queen of tacky. The only shock now is how low they stoop. The amorphous incest party that is mainstream music repository will finally sink down the drain as it has been doing for the last 60 years.

The good thing is that unlike the 90's music as weak sauce as today's pop rock landfill will never be blamed for a mass murder. As we all know the really good shit is on the Internet.

A band so awesome it'll never end up on TV.
 The bad thing is nothing truly shocking would ever make it to music television channels even if music was still played on television. So in the interest of spicing up inter-generational relations here's some music to play in your moms minivan in front of the middle school. Keep up the good fight!

- A stack full of amplifiers and a heart full of hate
- Turtle power!
- Putting the "ass" in "assassin"

Love Big Mike.

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