Thursday, December 3, 2015

In your private time, tell yourself you were born to control affairs. In your public time, control affairs.

Sometimes too many ideas are floating around at once. Too many, because not enough dedication can be given to a single one idea to complete or master that idea. There is no need to feel down because you can't be any sort of unrealistic renaissance man or woman. Do something, or write something, or make something, then move on. Once you achieve it, achieve something else. There is no need to expend so much energy on so many things if you know deep inside you will not complete them. Lets be realistic.

There are many who all at once are brilliant writers, musicians, athletes, and thespians. However, they mastered each thing individually. Once they have each thing mastered, simultaneous improvement for each can then happen. Because they are masters.

Get it?

My father, who was a great man but plagued with many flaws, would completely disagree with me. He also is someone who would ignore my ideas on how to travel the cosmos (a whole theory involving quantum mechanics for particle disbursement and rearrangement, of which I spent many years of study, and was developing a proper thesis on until I discovered music and drugs...another entry) and say that these things can be done with pure will power and brain waves. He was also a man who died from his inability to go out and actively improve himself. It was a sad day when he died, but it was very motivating, as I was following a similar path, despite obvious talents.

I tried too much to do too many things. Then I became good at a few. Then I would focus on them, but do too many things with each talent and end up waking up drunk Sunday morning mad at myself, declaring to the universe for the next week not to be the same, only for it to all reoccur. Its so silly.
However feeling this way, one could only fear that one would be destined for a mediocre existence.
Not true.

There is nothing wrong with living a modest life. It is being humble, that gets people in trouble. If a guy would rather be a mechanic or a baker instead of a rockstar or an astronaut, good for them. As long as they appreciate what is happening and how. When someone is humble, they dismiss their own greatness to let others feel big? Even if they know on the inside, others will not, then not accept it when those cries of acknowledgement are shouted out. That is their own fault. Then scheming to do this and that, but not accepting to do great to be great. That doesn't work.

Now over saturation of popularity can bog even a modest persons mind, feeling they have to strive to be famous. Most don't want that, and will judge a false pretense of greatness, thus, wanting to do so much all at once. Whichever way you get there, it is full circle. So sit and focus.

Sit and focus.

Or stand and focus. Depending on what you are trying to do.

This is the cog. We all fit. Or we do not. Do we want to do either?

That also gets me thinking about the additional media coverage and absortion that exists that didn't a generation ago. If one could succeed at what they wish, despite all the extra distraction, would that make one even greater then one set out to achieve?


~Xavier R.

Playlist 12-3-2015

My Generation - The Who

Sound and Color - Alabama Shakes (a new favorite. If you try any, try this one.)

Elite - The Deftones

Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix Experience

Saturday Night's Alright - Elton John

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