Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Many a moon later, we present: Mental Anguish and stress nightmares

The most peculiar thing happened to my subconscious mind. I was plagued by the most wicked nightmares that were intermittent with random moments of graphic sex. Now, I'm not sure if it was the sudden political upheaval of the Turkish government (and the bloody battle that lead to it), the theft of my Mother's golden Marvel superhero statuettes, the raiding of my house by murderous boy scouts, the gain of love then lost of trust by the woman I'm infatuated with, or, god damn it, the rampant drug use. However, when I woke up this morning, I was feeling a little uneasy.

Now, often times I will be able to tie in my real life situation into nightmares I'm having, because usually your conscious mind can either translate into your dreams, or you can at least dream slightly of the future given situations that you, again, have experienced whilst awake. These things I dreamed of, however, I could not quite find my inner self's motivation for.

With nightmares I have noticed though, it usually pertains to fears on an emotional level. Big scary monsters and ghosts and the like usually don't work on me, so my inner self finds other things. Often times, if you notice about even yourself, there is no actually correlation (or at least immediately) however you still exude those feelings of dread.

Or, fuck it, who knows. Maybe my evil twin Teddy is at it again with poisoning my coffee.

This shall surely affect my inheritance!
That being said, with the introduction of me relocating to a new home for both my well being and for work, I find myself with a new home office. I feel like writing again. I think I will. Hopefully not about nightmares that have me waking up feeling like I just survived a nuclear war.

Or maybe I will. I just reread the works of Kafka not long ago. Who knows what I'm capable of...

Getting another cup of coffee, that's what.

~Xavier R.

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