Monday, April 25, 2011

Everyone I went to highschool with is dead.

Ever get the feeling you're further away from everyone then ever before? That you're around people all day but you don't exist for them and they barely exist for you? That you're slipping away, further and further? Soon you'll disappear and you'll just be that person they vaguely remember, the one that didn't talk much, or the one that talked a lot but had nothing worth saying; the one who muttered to themselves, cried for no reason and flinched every time you brushed past them.

Remember high school? Every person you ever knew there is dead. You're never going to see them again, but those memories are still there, fading ever slower as time goes on. Remember that first kiss? The first time you got dumped? The second? The third? Fourth and Fifth? Remember when some kid broke your nose? The humiliation as you broke down, crying in the middle of the class room? They all remember, and they still make fun of you. Your girlfriend dumped you because Mitchel broke your nose and she fucked him the next day. He probably had a way bigger dick then you anyway.

All these people are dead. But you revive when you look them up on facebook, they're all living way better lives then you are, just like you thought. You got what you wanted man, that bitter little taste in the back of your throat. What are you gonna do with it? You had such a crush on her, but were too much of a pussy to do anything about it when you were standing right there.

She looks so happy.

She looks so relieved you never asked, she wouldn't have wanted to turn you down.
Forget her. She's dead now, man.

Get over it.

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  1. I find looking at peoples profiles, and when i say people i mean the shit bags i had no time for. It seems lik ethey are leading brilliant lives when in fact they are pennyless fucktards with no hope for the future