Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The air came in as would a reddish sky

At long last, it is time for another vacation. To think, I've been grudging and dragging through a pit of underpaid misery for two years already!

Time for a four day music festival filled with music I hardly like and women I'd hardly like, but plan on fucking. A vastness of white hippies, hipsters, and the peppered in black guy who will get asked for drugs constantly because he...looks the part.

I mean really? All these jerk offs are the kind of people who would jump right at the "Oh I'm not racist!" bullshit, yet continue to keep themselves blind to the fact that the only idea of black people they have are the ones they see as entertainers or drug dealers.

Take for example, 80% of the people I've ever hung out with will assume I'm there to either entertain them, or sell them  drugs, in some which way. Of the 20% that don't fall into that example, 95% of them, I discover eventually, see me as their "black friend."

"But Xavier, you are their bla..." No, I'm their friend. You should get why that's dumb. Man, no ONE group is the stereotype, ever. Stop being so weak and cowardly as to latch onto knuckle dragging level theorems like "Well everyone I've met that looks like that has acted a certain way" or "Thats what I was told."

This went far from its original point.

Vacation. There will be a festival of debauchery. I will be at said festival of debauchery. I will debauch.

~Xavier R.

p.s. I'm not retarded, I'm just big boned.

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