Monday, June 6, 2011

I believe

I believe... 
there is a difference between hate and bitterness
that critique does not mean hate
one can avoid being hateful yet not need to forgive
that to err is to be human, and to forgive is to be divine
there is nothing wrong with being human (on both ends)

I believe...
in god
that religion is weakness
we are taught to be peaceful, as to accept our destruction
in killing those who seek to kill those who want it not
that once we destroy that which destroys, we can evolve past destruction
thinking that that is hypocrisy is hypocrisy,  laziness, and cowardice

I believe...
art is creation
creation is genius
genius is chaos
chaos is beauty
beauty is art

I believe...
anger is a tool and a weapon when it is presented
tools and weapons can be hard to use
lack of merit doesn't mean lack of skill
the truly malicious have merit without skill
that they have no anger but will use your tools and weapons when you cannot
the end is what we make
we let others make it for us

I believe...
in music
in sex
in Thai food
in free puppies and koolaid

~Xavier R.


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