Monday, June 13, 2011

Mustard Is A Type Of Ketchup Pt. 4

 Waking up on the kitchen table, you are rather confused that you find yourself fully dressed and cuddling with an empty vase in the fetal position, but hardly surprised. An anguishing groan later and mid engine fart, you witness a very audible "fuck" coming from your own lips as your eyes espy the stove clock. You are late for work. In what could be considered a series of  graceful endeavorers if you weren't so hung over and smelly,  you quickly shower while brushing your teeth, change into new acceptable work attire whilst drying off, brush your and hair during shaving, and eating breakfast and putting your socks and shoes on become one in a nearly Zen manner. If Zen was an alcoholic neighbor who knew cool things about stuff..

     The sprint to work leaves you drenched in sweat and gasping for breath. It remains as such even in the elevator with onlookers that decide to keep their distance from you. The fuck do they know? Nothing. Losers, shut up! It doesn't matter if they aren't saying anything, they can still shut up. It gets to your floor and you rush for almost a yard but then stop to a worries shuffle and try to make it to your...

"My office! Now!" Damn. Of course she noticed. Nothing goes by her. Nothing.

"Good morning sunshine." She says in a bitter way. So bitter, in fact, that you stop feeling guilty and full of failure and just get irritated with her manner. Yeah, you messed up, but you've never been later before, and nothing is due, either. She doesn't care though. You wait for her to continue, but she doesn't, and just stares at you. After releasing a deep sigh, you decide to answer.

"Good morning ma..."

"Not, it's not a good morning. You're late. You work here. You get paid to show up on time. You aren't on time. Why aren't you on time?" Her bitter eyes tighten into angry ones.


"I? It's all about you? Well then big shot, why don't you run the company?"

"O.k." Oh shit. Why did you say that? She is actually taken aback, and has no new words for you. Luckily she was as confused and astounded as the look on your face, and most likely your train of thought. Hurry, before the nulling effect wares off her.

"Oh I could never run anything. A mere peon, ma'am. I'm happy with my peanuts." You say in a timid way whilst starring at the ground, doing a little spin on the word peanuts. She can still say nothing. You're both most likely just as dumb founded as the other.

"I'm sorry ma'am. It won't happen again." You turn and start for her door, but she stops you.

 "Listen," she begins. "I needed you here to help me go over a work summary for the new project. You didn't show, so it sort of messed up my plans. I should let you know these things ahead of time, but still, don't be late again please." This was the closest to an apology, or any sort of non-anger and or bitter...anything you've ever heard from her. You notice harsh emotions gone from her face, and instead, it almost looks like sadness. It quickly straightens out, and is once again blank and cold. She stares at you intently.

 "Now get to it." You don't hesitate in turning around and walking out. Coming to your desk and accompanying, you quickly find a place to start and get to it. Much to your pleasure, you find the day pass rather smoothly. No one bothers you for anything past a "can you help me real quick?" or a "where was I suppose to start copying the files?" Jack "asshole douche bag fuck face" Rodgers didn't even come bother you once. If there are good days, this is the closest to one in a long while. Hell, it was even a short day. How lucky.

     Intent on finishing a bit more, you don't even notice that you are the only one left once you do. You don't mind. It's nice to not have to deal with the very insincere "are you coming the bar?" or all the "see you later." It's also nice to see Carol coming from her office, with out everyone else around. She stops as she looks up from a folder she seems to be reviewing as she come walking towards the elevator. You turn from her and head towards it as well, and soon hear her continuing. You press the '1' button, and find yourself side by side with her, wordless. As the elevator dings and brings both of you to the first floor, she starts towards the garage as you head to the front door. I'n a moment of "fuck it," you stop and figure asking her to eat won't kill you. You turn, only to find her too far away to ask nonchalantly. You stand and look at her going around the corner, only to see her stop. She comes close to having a "fuck it" moment of her own it seems, but doesn't. She then is out of site. Another sigh. Another oh well.

     Skipping the bar and the convenience store, you decide that a movie could be a good time filler instead. You've seen previews for the New Death Killer series. You hear Death Killer 6 is the best one yet. So you get to the theater, buy your ticket, get some refreshments, and find your way through a crowded mass of seats and strangers until you come to an empty seat, sitting with relief as if you were an ancient Greek hero who just finished some sort of odyssey.

     Half way through the first preview, you come to realize that after close inspection, you know the women to your left. Turning a little to face her, she greets you with a nervous visage, which, to your surprise, turns into a timid smile, then a very piercing one. You smile back excitedly as your heart races.

You won't be sleeping alone tonight.

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