Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Post #124

Figured it was cause for celebration.

Anyways, hear the news? Jackass Ryan Dunn died yesterday from speeding whilst drunk. I'd delve deeper into it, but I hardly think he deserves THAT sort of recognition. I feel a bit of sorrow for the loss of someone who made so many laugh, know...drunk driving. No pity for him personally. Just the poor sap with him. Who, of course, also died.

Anyways, before I had been planning on doing multiple pieces on the sheer folly of racial advancement groups (specifically in the United States), but in all honestly, I probably should have just made that a one parter on how outlandishly retarded the Klu Klux Klan is. Not that I lack ammo on everyone else. I just, well, don't fucking feel like doing anymore.

To be fair, to all our lovely readers who feel jipped of a clever anecdote; an amusing, belittling picture of a famous black guy.

To be honest, though, it's more like

I hope you are pleased. Anyways, off to eat muh chinamen food and play some Diablo II; Lord of Destruction.

Tits are awesome,

~Xavier R.

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