Thursday, August 4, 2011

Half my ex-girlfriends have had kids. So, that means I've had sex with several people's mothers. Ha...hahaha...Playlist 8-4-11

2 plates of spaghetti, 3 cocktails, and half a cigar later, I find myself in the midst of entertaining one's self with the lack of company. It's totally cool.

Phenylalanine.  Know what that is? I do. Not because I'm some sort of genius chemist. Just because I pay attention to the things I allow into my body. I'll tell you what, though. I don't think I'm going to let something with so many syllables into my body anymore.  Go ahead, google it. Then enjoy the fact that you've been letting this interesting chemical into your body for FUCKING YEARS.

The time has been passing rather quickly. It  is light out now, and here I am, still sitting on my fat ass, talking about shit that will be beyond the conscience mind of most that occupy the blogosphere.

I swear I never inhaled.

ignore the images, listen to the song

~Xavier R.

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