Thursday, August 11, 2011

Let's make this simple

President Obama will be making a decision soon on a big, big matter. He's under a fair amount of pressure from some bullshit grassroots campaign funded by uh...some bad people. If he fails, let's just say the tar sand nightmare will come to fruition.

If you're unaware of the "Tar Sands" and their catastrophic effects, just hit up Google. Then make a ruckus, god damn it.

Here are some important links

Let's get off our asses and save the world right quick, then get back to the play lists, drunken ramblings, and unschooled intellectualism.

~Xavier R.


  1. Yeah I doubt we can ever do anything about anything

  2. Ross, don't be so sure. I live in western Montana, they're bringing those rigs through here, but everyone is making a lot of noise about it. The company in question has had tto change its route a couple of times due to us complaining non-stop. We CAN make things change.