Monday, August 8, 2011

Thin blooded with thick flesh...Playlist 8-8-11

Still re-cooperating from pitting at a thrash metal concert two days ago. One would think that would give cause for making a thrash metal playlist. Well, one would be disastrously wrong. I shall put forth what comes to mind. Speaking of which, hail Satan!

I'm thinking it was a bad idea to put a twix bar in coffee. Also, I love drinking booze. Moderation, my children. Also, go running, robot voice, quote landmark alt. rock albums, eat cheese, commit suicide.

I haven't had Thai food in awhile now. Maybe I'll get some today, even after the fiasco of last time. Fiasco? More like canvas. Canvas? Stupid idiot internet and it's dumb thesaurus. Damn thing doesn't work. I blame the government and/or religion and/or science and/alcohol and/or drugs and/or Fannie Farmer.


~Xavier R.

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