Monday, October 3, 2011

My Name Is Chip... Playlistos Septiembre Veinteséptimo

So yeah, been thinking about making a post on an unnervingly recurring thread in most of my favorite songs, or maybe its that I always seem to be messed up when I listen to music.

I'm now going to classify some of my favorite songs by the drugs they remind me of.

COCAINE (or sniff sniff sniff music)

HEROIN (or music to slap a vein to)


MARIJUANA (or Tetrahydrocannabinollapalooza )

ALCOHOL (or "fuck you, I'm a dragon" juice... music)

ANTIDEPRESSANTS (or oh my god, everything's dandy)

OFF ANTIDEPRESSANTS (or oh my god, everything's shitty)

As always, you're very welcome.

Big Mike.


  1. That Mondo generator song made me poop in my panties.

  2. Nice dude. Milk it is probably my fav from the list.

  3. In certain cultures people pay money to garner such a service.

    Thusly I am very flattered, Mary.