Friday, December 14, 2012


One day Mr. Black woke up and could no longer make proper sense of certain things. All over, he saw images. He saw items, creatures and things. Well, that was not an issue whatsoever. The issue, was, that he no longer understood the markings that in a communicative way, explained all that he saw. When he saw those markings, they were foreign. They were odd. They were evil. Such vile things, yet they were everywhere. On everything. They all had to go. And so go they did. will purge the written word and calculative number, until only illuminated shapes and differing sounds exist to explain to the world all that there was.

Mr. Black was angry because the day he woke up, was the day he abruptly decided to make what such fickle minds ponder in the  conscienceless, which he did not want to act on, but did. He became a bitter man, despite doing what he did to benefit the mentally malnutritioned world. It would make their lives, well...future lives so much easier.

A thousand generations later, a young child told another young child that he heard of an idea where multiple little shapes could mean all sorts of things, and were used in a way to communicate, and all were memorized so that communication could happen without speaking or visual movement. This idea was alien. This idea was not believed. This idea was stupid. What plebeian mind concocted such nonsense?

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