Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I always thought my mind was the epitome of what a good person experiences when he has the darkness of the middle of the universe with no galaxies to keep him company. I was wrong. I knew that person. I dated that person. Such a beautiful human being in so many ways. But I now know whats its like to be repelled from a person for such reasons. It makes me ponder. Ponder because how much have I experienced that happening to me? A lot. And if someone like me can't handle such torment in someones soul, and such erratic behavior, such substance abuse and lack of ultimate goals...

What a place she must be in. I'm sorry I couldn't take it. Maybe I'm an idiot to not want to involve myself in free drugs, booze, and orgies to numb away my bitter heart.

Or maybe I want to live into my 30s.

Just do me a favor, sweetheart.

Try to let the world end on its own. You don't need to help it.

But thanks for the breakup sex, even though I'll be late for work now.

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