Thursday, December 20, 2012

So the world is ending tomorrow...

This seems to be even mote significant then all those other times in which the world was coming to an end. Even more so then ever am I not really giving a damn. You're going to have your whack doom sayers and all those morons who actually enjoy feeding into the hysteria. Beyond your usual suspects fucking it up for the rest of us, its just another winter season change. Same as before. Chill the fuck out. Give it no rhyme or reason. It's not funny, or entertaining. If you need to join a suicide cult, just do it. Someplace else. Thank you. If I am wrong, however, I still won't apologize. We'll all be dead. So this morning, I had sex with my ex girlfriend. She came over unannounced, to make some sort of point. Now, if that point was how I enjoy the company of her vagina, then case fucking closed. But guess what? I'm still a jerk, apparently. What's a four letter word that rhymes with ring? Yeah buddy, lean into the blow. I will return with some reviews. Fuck Steve Albini. Not a foreshadowing. (at least not on my part) Maybe I am a jerk. Also, fuck html.

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