Thursday, January 24, 2013

Introversion and beer

When one starts the lose the general grasp on things thought by the mass populace, its easy to thing such things are broken. But when certain social impulses literally don't exist, its mainly just cause for feeling awkward. What is super shitty about it, is that when you become a full adult, you can see and feel, plain as day, that you lack these impulses and understanding of social cues. Let me explain it in a different way.

A person with perfectly functioning legs spends most of his time sitting, because he just doesn't want to stand or walk. He  can eventually chose to stand or walk by finding either new fervor on his own, or being pushed by others.

A person with no legs spends all of his time sitting, because he was never born with legs in which to stand on.

And now, I don't mean to make the analogy have these feelings seem TOO dire, but pretty much this is overcome by mutual entertainment, witnessing or creating. Once that is gone, though, so is the linking to others with no mutual understanding of other things.

On the bright side...I...uh...


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