Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Your interwebz is broken...use interwebz to find solution?

Some gory details...

I spent yesterday vomiting out of my ass and puking from the apparatus of my asshole. Luckily my sister saved me with a sprite and some chicken noodle soup. It was funny, because apparently I came stumbling into the living space where my dad was, and I go ;

"Hello Jason. My name is god. And I have a plan for your son. I am going to put him through the most agonizing pain he's ever experienced, he wont be able to hold down solid food for a couple days, he is going to vomit as if expelling demons, and every time he does vomit, he will also, literally, shit himself."

"And then what, lord?"

"Good night" And then I stumbled back into my room and passed out. What does that tell you about his plan for us? Pain.

Anyways, some pleasure for your ear/eye holes

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