Sunday, March 24, 2013

I just took a personality test...and failed

Lying down on my bed, nay covered in sheets using an old, over heating laptop, waiting for the Five Guys down the street to open so a  fatty fat fat lump of meat can be inhaled to enhance my body, a type described in the youth of old as "chub chub with nip nips." I call that my Sunday ritual. Why not moonday? Bigot astronomers.

So, I had the prosperous vision in my head of a story involving sex crime cops destroying the establishment of some evil sex slave trade corporation, though I believe that can be the result of alcohol and watching too much Law and Order: SVU. My gut hurts. Too many foreign intoxicants be them eaten or drank. I bought a juicer for some juice diet. Seldom have I obliged to that hidden nag to use.

I do think it is near the time in which I somberly and soberly step outside on an empty stomach and enjoy a cigar in the back yard while playing fetch with a dog that isn't mine. OOOOORRRRRRRR, I can ignore those impulses, also ignore mt impulse to urinate, and not leave my computer until it feels like my eyes are about to pop out because of the pressure. Something like that.

It sure seemed like foreshadowing. But here I am, still typing or whatever.

Listened to Justin Timberlake's new album. It was the tits. Primarily because I want to squeeze and spit on it.

It really was, though. The kind of Pop/R&B that can be found appealing by more then just fickle teeny boppers and paid off critics. Good stuff. Even had a track on there that was all Radiohead-esque. They have it for free and shit on youtube and stuff. No I won't post a link. Lazy ass.

That being said, I am just reminded of something. Which I wont share.

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