Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Puppets that hate each other

After much publicity, a couple of speeches, and a behind the scenes meetings, the two gentlemen, of whom are controlled by private interests of severe cases of sociopathy, also in control of the two most lethal military forces the world has ever seen, still, well, hate each other, and disagree on just about everything. Except a few "key points."

Those key points?

Um...kill the bad guys?

Yeah, no shit.

Idea of who the bad guys are may differ

Don't worry ladies and gents. Between these two men, we could destroy the world many, MANY times over. Yes, I said "we." Unity already.

Lets celebrate!

Who Did You Think I Was? - John Mayer Trio

Born To Be Wild - Steppenwolf

Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith

Da Mystery Of Chessboxin - Wu-Tang Clan

Love Will Find You - Journey

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