Monday, September 28, 2015

5 songs of apocalypse (VIDEO!)

Here's an original video made by yours truly. The plan is to make these as often as possible, I'll be making lists, media critiques and laughing at idiots. Fun times to be had by most! The plan is to keep up blog posts, obviously, but hopefully this leads to some great stuff in the future.

My dear friends,

The icecaps have melted, flooding all our farmland with salt water. All the forests are on fire and the ash chokes out the sky and kills the animals. Roaming packs of cannibals search the wasteland for survivors to rape and to murder. Asteroids fall from the sky.  Nuclear power plants melt down and bridges crumble across the land under the weight of disintegrating infrastructure. Shit's bad, but at least we can still still listen to music.

I'm Big Mike and I have 5 of my favorite songs about the apocalypse.

Big Mike

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