Thursday, June 29, 2017

Hate Speech is the American Way.

I have an unpopular opinion. Not only do I think hate speech is an inherently good and healthy thing, but I think anyone who disagrees with me should be summarily executed and their family should be sent to internment camps to bind copies of Mein Kampf, Das Kapital and Twilight for no fewer than three generations.

Now, am I some sort of evil fuck? Debatable. I'll tell you what I am for sure: a god damn patriot who takes the hardest of hard lines on free speech.

There are some that say hate speech is harmful or even violence. I say these people are degenerates in need of free helicopter rides, or at the very least need to go to the free speech publishing gulags. Their contention is that what we say unduly effects everyone around us, especially "marginalized groups" because they can't bear to hear what people think of them.

I think if you're so easily hurt you're just the chattel I'll need to feed my roving packs of right-wing cannibal death-squads after the nuclear holocaust.

The progressive left can wag it's finger at people like me who think free speech should be a monolithic absolute but they don't know the slope they've doused in KY. They've defined hate speech so broadly that anyone can be accused of bigotry, and given that the newest generation could be my freedom loving, human hunting, army of death, this dog you've trained could very well bite you in the ass. 

You see, princess, you can call us racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic, crazed death cultists, rapists, murders, cannibals, etc, etc. You can ban us on social media. You can even throw us in jail for saying what we think. We're not going to stop believing what we believe. At the very best we're going to go underground. But we're still here, all around you. We still hate you. You've just twisted the social contract to make us hate you politely.

So I ask "why be polite?" put all this shit on front street. Know thy neighbor. Know thy enemy. Strengthen your arguments. Thicken your skin.

Buck up. Don't be such a sniveling cunt.

Warlord of the Wastes,
Big Mike.

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