Friday, June 16, 2017

The earth is flat, Santa is real, and vaccines make children retarded

What is wrong with people? A lot of things it seems. God, knowing that some of these individuals belong to the same species as yours truly makes me lathargic, because why would I want to be outside when those...people...are out and about. Gah.

Perhaps there is hope yet. Maybe I'll stop with the cynicism, and jump on Trump's yugely big dong train, eat artisan foods, and listen to rock without guitars and hip hop with rappers who mumble. Or maybe, to fight apathy I'll take a bunch of vitamins and then blog about how everything sucks. Ah yes, the latter.

Oh yeah, global warming is gonna kill us all.

That being said, I've been able to have some very fruitful conversations with some of the sort of people that, whilst having extremely contrasting ideas from me, can actually discuss their ideas articulately, provide where they found their logic, and not just shout popular talking points that they embrace just because they aren't mainstream. I feel that type of united idea belief is how we avoid thing like, you know, murdering the fuck out of eachother.

However, I will say, whilst the ability to be united in sharing ideas is vital, if there is imperical evidence that comes from multile sources, using the argument "well that's what they 'claim' " doesn't count as an actual counter argument. Otherwise nothing is decisive and everything is pointless. 

But only a sith deals in absolutes.

Man, shut up. 

~Xavier R.

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