Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feast on the Flesh

The world always seems to be ending, no matter the time period. Just check out some jazz and puff on a cigar. Thats what I do. Shit, I need some bourbon. A tumbler collection would be nice, as well.

Alas, curmudgeons aplenty, yet another splash in the power struggle pool. No one to have so much power involving financials until of their own, I bet? Go figure. Stop eating your own country, you pigs.

But alas, evil doer or not, nothing can every be done if his own government plots against him constantly. What a shame. Blaming everything on him, yet taking away credit when it's due. For fuck sake, stop being so weak minded and blame who is at fault for letting so much happen in the first place. Yourself.

You may think you can't do much, as but a single grain of sand on such a large beach. However with no sand at all, a beach just isn't a beach. Think about it.

Or don't.

~Xavier R.

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