Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My 10 least favorite things Pt. 1

Hello again. My new keyboard has finally arrived, in timing of recuperated fervor. So, onto the list.

10. Ex Girlfriends

Seeing as how I wouldn't post a picture of an actual ex-girlfriend, this only seemed fitting.

You see, I always considered myself to be, above most else, a very nice guy. So I figure that the reasons for being stepped on, is former weight problems (which are still present but diminishing) or mental...oddities. Either reason not a reason for cruelty. So if you couldn't hang, tell me, and stop hanging. No reason to rip my heart out. I can be an asshole, but never when uncultivated to do so.

9. Sluts

I don't mean someone who has a bunch of sex, even with lots of different people. That's just being promiscuous (to me at least). I view a slut as a person who doesn't truly hold their-self in any sort of regard, has no standards for a partner other than shallow ones, and dresses in a disgusting manner to attract something that should be beautiful, even if it's frequent.

8. Hippies

I think there are people who view themselves as hippies, just because they believe in peace and unity and all that whatnotness. That's totally cool. They aren't hippies, though. A hippie is a dirty, self outcasted lazy bum who choses peace for the lust of inaction and free things, wanting wealth to be shared, as in have others do real work for them. Shame on them.

7. Robots that think on a personal level

Human creativity extends to all reaches of possibility. Instead of giving indestructible potential killing machines self conscious thought in a world they come into as inferior socially, bonded to their masters as a slave forever, (hello grudge turns into human destruction?) we should focus on curing cancer, or finding a unified theory for quantum mechanics.

6. Mayonnaise 

It is beyond cavernously disgusting, horrible for you, and looks like a dude's cum, which I never want in my mouth. Plus, I'm allergic to it, meaning not only is it bad for me in all ways, but it would kill me, even if everyone where to tell me I was exaggerating on all the other levels.

In mid type, I realized I need sleep before I die. So ponder, if you will, my top five least favorite things. If you guess them all right, well, you win nothing. Get some exercise.

~Xavier R.

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