Monday, May 2, 2011

Serious Shit: Osama is dead (and why that doesn't matter one good god damn)


Osama Bin Laden, I'm told, was shot in the face in some shitty rat-hole in Afghanistan last night by Navy Seals. While this is all well and good (what else were seals going to do when they found him?) what really bugs me is the reaction I'm seeing. As our friend and yours, Brandon Gilbert, put it:
I can't celebrate the death of another human no matter how despicable, not to say I'm not happy about it just not "happy" about it.
So he's dead. So fucking what? We've killed a man whose been hiding in caves for the last ten years.

Let me put this into perspective for you flag-waving morons. We've spent over 1 trillion dollars (and counting) on war since 2001. We've wasted over 900 thousand Afghan, Iraqi and American lives (300 times more then those killed in 9/11) and we've been the biggest boon to Al-Qaida recruiters world wide, and what the fuck do we have to show for it? We killed the guy who planned 9/11.

Do you feel better now America? Now that you've pinned these two countries down with no army, no navy and no air-force and you raped them until they couldn't scream or cry or even bleed any more? Now that you blew your load out of your gun shaped cock? Now will you finally just pull it out, wipe your dick off on their thigh and leave them alone in the ditch?

Or are you just going to reload and rape them again?

These people, these people who are so "happy" Osama Bin Laden is dead make me angry not because they feel a sense of closure or even justice, but how short sighted they are to how truly barbaric, wasteful and counter-productive this so called "justice" really is.

I'll leave you alone, but first I want you to see this video and then you will feel somewhat as I do. If you don't, I have no faith in you, and I sincerely hope you die.

Not sorry he pissed on your fucking parade.

Big Mike.

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