Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My top 5 music artists (In no particular Order)

A band that is constantly evolving, constantly pushing themselves. Though nearly all of them have two decades of age on me, it seems that each album is the growth I happen to be at in my life. Plus all their music is so amazing and feels so tortured you just sort of want to...take all their powers, highlander style.

Wu-Tang Clan really aint nothin to fuck wit. Every member a master MC, the backing music genius, and the lyrics are real, rough, yet not too typical of a rap group of this ilk.

Beyond being considered by many (and myself) as still the greatest guitarist player who ever lived, his knack for innovation in music in general is something that needs to taken into deep consideration. Though I don't listen to him as frequently as I use to, I still view him as a favorite.

The subways are the sort of band that you listen to when you wake up in the morning. The Subways are the sort of band you play at the party you're having after a hard week of work. The subways are simplistic in a masterful way, and so raw, that you are conflicted in wither you should be fucking or fighting someone.

My jazz standard. When I'm not leeching off inspiration from his bass playing capabilities or studying how he composed, I'm relaxing with a cigar and listening to song after song from repertoire. To back step, the man was most likely the most talented composer that ever lived. It is just unfortunate how dark and tortured his life often was.

There you have it. If you haven't heard some of them, I implore you to have a listen.

~Xavier R.

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