Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Some Bands are just a "Big 'Fuck You' In Your Fat Fucking Face"

You know, I've not been too busy as of late, that is except for pissing off a lot of people for my last post. I stand by what I said, 100 percent, balls deep, all night, swingin' past my knees.If you didn't like it, well, whatever.
This is my blog, bitches. 
Suck it.

In the spirit of pissing you stupid people off in the worst way I could muster, short of pissing in your gas tank and laughing maniaclly as I smear my own feces all over your car windows, I want to share some music that you'll hate. Because you're inbred? Most likely.

Aphex Twin -Omgyjya Switch 7

Can't you read that title? You can't because you don't speak Cornish. Hope you're proud of yourself.

Boredoms - Acid Police

Seriously, aren't you proud of yourself? I heard your mother is proud of you.

Mr Bungle - Carry Stress in the Jaw

I'm lying. She hates you. 

Celtic Frost - Synagoga Satanae

Everyone hates you. 

Sunn -Cry for the Weeper
Go die.

Antagonistically yours,
Big Mike.

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