Monday, August 15, 2011

Not a fan of the ol' Satan, I see...Playlist 8-15-11

The previous post has had pretty much the least views, and likes out of every post. Get a grip, people. I needn't say that I posted it whilst drunk, stoned, or in a mental breakdown, because none would be true. Get over yourselves, you fucking losers. Especially you, Malaysia. Serious, go eat your flesh crackers and blood wine and go fuck yourselves.

So yeah, now I'm enjoying a cocktail, soon a cigar will be added, and I'm pleased with the fact that blah di di doo bah boo boo hahaha woooo. Yeah.

~Xavier R.


  1. It wasn't that I don't care for satan, it's that since I can't believe in a god then satan is as relevant to me as the velveteen rabbit, fuckable and infected with smallpox.