Monday, August 15, 2011

Where and were...don't shoot the messenger

Just had to throw a little something in there.

So I'm totally destroying this fucking website. Me drinking isn't helping, I'm sure. Why can't anyone else post more often? So within ourselves. More like, me with in myself. This is bad, real bad.

I need to find a news source in which to speculate and site on a regular basis, because I seriously have no idea what's going on anywhere. I wake up, eat food, play bass, read or play video games, go to work, come home, drink, eat, blog and net it up, then sleep. The outside world hardly exists anymore. Rarely I'll run into no one and do nothing. Beyond that, jackity shit, niggas. Jackity shit. Post in the comments. What should I/we do to improve our connectivity with you plebs?  Take no offence to that, my dear inferiors. Wooooaaaah, whoops.

So yeah all this being said, this Don Rafael smoke is delicious.

~Xavier R.

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