Thursday, October 22, 2015

DEMOCRAT-cy, American style.

You know, I've been avoiding even really acknowledging the shit show that is the lead up to the 2016 presidential race because it's a fucking gouache affair. I was disillusioned with Obama by 2010 and I didn't even give a fuck enough to vote in 2012. That's right, I was above voting and I'm a better person then anyone that gives more then a cursory shit about who the president is going to be a year from now.

But just for the fun of it let's give this old chicken a choke, shall we? My great friend Xavier already gave a good run down of the funny-as-Auschwitz clown car that is the GOP primary field so I wont mention that here. No, instead I'm going to address the fiefdom of the Democratic voter. The CNN debate just recently happened but I wouldn't even need to see it (I haven't) in order to tell you what needs to be said.

The corporate media favors Hillary because she's a corporate shill and someone with a twat. She doesnt have anything to offer America but more of Obama (War, an open gitmo, hand sitting on the drug war, pandering) and is basically going to run her campaign on her being the first president with a vagina. That's it. She'll just trick idiot skirts and men with penis-guilt into voting for her purely on the merit of her wrinkly genitals. The fact that she wasn't for gay marriage until it was politically convenient for her, that her donor list is just a list of big banks or that she's never met a war she didn't like won't dissuade these dip shit progressives from voting for her because cunt.

Speaking of dip shit progressives, what the fuck Bernie Sanders? You never had a chance to become president in the first place, but couldn't you at least show some dignity you simpering pussy? Yeah, I sure wanna vote for a guy that's going to let any two-bit millennial snatches with ratty hair just interrupt him during a speech to spout their slacktivist hashtag garbage. You can tax the rich all you want Bernie, it's still not going to prevent me from fucking your wife (which is funny when you think about it given the fact my dick isn't black) so you should just cut your losses and go back to Vermont, you bitch.

Was there others in the debte? Does it matter? Who fucking cares who else is in this pathetic fucking primary? Oh, you do? Why don't you suck off a loaded shotgun and swallow? I bet you don't even own a pump action, you gun controlling piece of human garbage. Then you should just slit your wrists like a woman instead.

Fuck you,
Big Mike.

Trump for president.

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