Monday, October 5, 2015


Hey buddies... I've been hard at work stuffing as much food as I can fit in my face and sleeping too much because I'm a sad sack. I'm seriously depressed bros, but I'm willing to redeem myself. To prove I deserve to be alive, that my spermatozoa wasn't the fastest to the egg for nothing I'm going to show you all I'm still invested with a little place-holder post.

Indeed, I do have great things planned! I've been reading a fucking cornucopia of Japanese comic books and because these cats couldn't write anything succinctly if their life depended on it I only read two stories in 3000 pages of luscious right-to-left Asian art. I've also endeavored to watch their live action movie adaptations because I'm a nerd like that. Can't tell you which mangas I've read yet but I can give you a hint.

I said two weeks ago I'd have part two of that story up today and I know I failed to meet that standard (I have hit myself with a belt accordingly) I'm making it up as I go along and the details I have in my head have to be dragged on to paper kicking and screaming. It's coming soon, I promise.

I have a new video in the works! It's about half way scripted and I can say with confidence it's going to be as great as it is different from my last. It's not a list, but rather a venomous critique of a comment thread on a Facebook photo. Riveting shit, I assure you.

On the back burner: I've really ought to do a re-haul on the aesthetics on this blog/ writer profiles. So look forward to something more pleasing to your eyeballs in the future. 

The point of this blog, at least for me, is to produce content like I've got thousands of subscribers (even though, at this moment I do not) because my audience deserves the best I can do and even though I may toil away, forever in obscurity, knowing I did my best is all the reward I need.

Thanks for reading buddy

Big Mike.

Musical postscript: I'm really falling in love with Sleepytime Gorilla Museum: They're weird, fiercely thematic, mad-scientist caliber experimental and they make music that drives my animals nuts.

Listen to the song they wrote about me here.

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