Friday, October 9, 2015

Lazy Thinking in Iambic Pentameter: War on Drugs in 10 stanzas


I do believe the war on drugs should keep
its sway on this great country where we live.
The law, so just, keeping our morals strong
our children safe, and the weak in line by
keeping those who prey on them in a box.

May I rebut, good sir? For I believe
keeping all those who use substances in
buildings of concrete does this country harm.
To decide with caprice which drugs should be
 sold in box stores or land us arrested
is foolish and harsh to those who merely
want a choice to alter their consciousness.

But they are criminals! Not worthy of
anything but contempt! To choose selfishly
a high that destroys lives and families.
Communities have been torn asunder,
police are killed fighting the scourge of gangs
who make their blood soaked money peddling filth.

Most people who sell drugs are providing
a service no more sinister then an
exchange of liquor for legal money.
There is no evidence to suggest that
hard drugs alone, descended on the street
destroys impoverished communities.
It is, I say, the harsh economic
conditions that drive the poor to crime, to
serve a black market to feed their children.
This deadly economy is only
there because of this prohibition. When
you legalize, all the bloodshed will stop.

Nonsense! These drugs drive people to the depths
of human depravity, there's no way,
under any circumstances that they
should be decriminalized, you monster!

And yet they are still being used by most.
Regardless of law, which is meant to deter,
to punish those who do not follow your will.
It has failed! You cram these addicts, pot heads
and petty drug dealers and still the tide
of drug use and gang violence swells higher.
The law has only taken liberty
 from those to do what they want with their person.
If the law is to protect the people,
does it need take away choice from it's charge?
If you're needing help to thwart addiction
help should be afforded to you, not to
find yourself helpless in a dungeon cell.

But what now of the innocent children
of the fools on these devil's distractions?
They surely will suffer, these narcotics
being oh so readily available?

Drugs of all flavors are for sale to all.
No one checks for ID when selling weed,
it is easier for children to get
crack than beer precicely because it is
the legal obligation of the clerk
to prevent the youth from being ruined.

You are a liberal moron and I'm
sure you are also a junkie, fuck you.

You are a cancer, my your feeble thoughts
and antiquated ideas die with you.


Hey that was pretty swell, huh? I actually had a lot of fun making that, hope you have fun reading it! Before you freak out and start accusing me of being biased or creating a straw man just know I'm going on arguments I've heard before, people really do think this dumb stuff. Anyway it's just my opinion, man. That being said I'm definitely in the mood to make some more of these in the future, don't know when or what about but sometime, about some thing... until that time...

Big Mike.

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