Thursday, October 15, 2015

All your base are belong to us

Somebody set up us the bomb

Approximately how many days has it been since we had last posted? Well,  *counts fingers* fuck you. That's how many days. I mean, how much pseudo hipster snobbery, drunken rants, hatefully confused reviews, and random playlists can y'all nyuccas REALLY want? A lot more? Well, OK. Truth of the matter is;

1. I'm busy
2. I'm lazy
4. I can't count
3. Big Mike is busy murdering bunnies and feeding them to crying children. And by bunnies I mean their parents.

Hearing this angry dy...empowered woman music in the background at my office makes me feel like I just don't need to take your shit. Because I'm a strong independent woman and I aint need no man!

*Disclaimer* I am a man

I think.

I'm gonna put my love syrup on your sleepy muffins

So, here in these United States of 'Murica, a bunch of old, Caucasian sociopath millionaires, also known as politicians, belonging to a group of hippies and moochers called "Democrats" the other day had a fancy little tirade of bullshit called a "debate." Essentially, these near carbon copy robot wannabe murderers answer questions pertaining to the future and goings on of our beautiful, bigoted country in evasive ways in a fashion almost identical to one another. The concept is, sheep (also known as t.v. viewers, i.e. you and your fat pig of a wife) will buy a bunch of t-shirts or stupid fucking bumper stickers to fund their quest to be in a smelly oval shaped office so that they can legally kill more people who don't think like them.

Problem is, either one of those assholes, or an asshole I had mentioned in a previous post, will likely become President of The United States of America, and de facto most powerful person on the planet. The reason that's bad is because the rest of the world already hates, well, the rest of the world, us especially, and it is not likely that an individual who has a "take what I can for me and then split." personality will bode well when more and more of everyone has the deadliest of all issues when it comes to ego;

Nukes and tiny penises.

It seems that anyone who would actually give a shit and do well for us wont run.


Oh well. Bring it on, end of the world. I'll be waiting with a cocktail.

~Xavier R. (I think I'll start this again)


Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

Feel Good, Inc. - Gorlliaz

Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Full Version) - Pink Floyd

Until The Day I Die - Story Of The Year

Bobby James - N.E.R.D.

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