Saturday, June 4, 2011

Some Songs I've Been Listening to Religiously Lately.

 This article brought to by your friend and ours, the Pabst brewing company.

"Religiously" is sort of a misnomer... the thing is as an atheist, the closest thing I can get to 'god' without psychoactive drugs and the resulting ego death* that follows is through music. And even though I really, REALLY enjoy music, I'd hardly call it a religion. For one, it hasn't made me want to kill an abortionist.

Give it time.

Any-fucking-way, where the hell was I? OH YES! Here's some songs that have been making me feel extra special as of late. Like my genitals, I would feel deep regret if I were to not share them to you.

Yes you.

Not you. You.

Yes. Don't you feel special?

Neutral Milk Hotel's 'King of Carrot Flowers Pt 1' (Not 2 or 3, mind you)


Now, I'd like to point out that there's nothing, and I mean nothing more pretentious then naming two songs 'Part 1' and 'Part 2 & 3' of something. That's like a pretension critical mass. A Billy Corgan level of pretension.
But now, after I've this established this, I'd like like to follow up with a total 180 and say something to the effect of "Go fuck your mother for agreeing with me"
You see, this is a fucking amazing song.
It's romantic in spite of being about parental apathy and a first sexual experience. I've had dental appointments more romantic then my first sexual experience. Bravo sir!

Elefant's 'Eating Stones'

Wait? they're called fairweather friend? What the fuck? Whatever. I like the simple instrumentation, the singer's voice and how pretty she is. Maybe I'm a little biased: theAmazingAtheist plugged the song with his man titties out. Sela vie. The song I assume is written by the Chick and AmazingAtheist's director. Cool shit, want to hear more.

Sufjan Stevens' 'John Wayne Gacy, Jr'

Now, anyone who knows me (100 percent of audience as of posting) will tell you why a song about serial killers just appeals to me by default. What you might not know is that the theological debate it sparked was even more interest then this admittedly haunting song did.
You see, Sufjan Stevens is a Christian, you see. Big whoop, right? As far as I'm aware, being christian doesn't make everything you do as an artist (or anything else) a reflection on your religious views. However, some Christians seem to read the song as saying "If you don't become a christian your soul is just as fucked as Gacy's"
I'm of the opinion that Sufjan is really just saying is "fuck Illinois" but, you know, just my interpretation.

Well, I bid you Adeu.
Listen to the Sex,
Big Mike.

*Tangentially, ego death is more or less a tenet of Buddhism, and we all know Buddhism isn't a religion in the western sense... that entailing you going to a big building every week to feel guilty and then throw money at the problem. 
I can't even relate to you people on acid. How very, very sad.

P.S. "Oh Mike! This isn't a short story! Whats up with that?" Shut the fuck up. Like you read any of my short stories. You can buy the book when it comes out. Mwa ha ha.

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