Friday, September 25, 2015

Don't hate the player, REALLY hate the player

So, I was pretty excited when NBC announced their new Vegas drama with Wesley Snipes. The man is coming back. Yes! (or so I thought)

Without any spoilers, I can give you my problems with the very first (and I hope last) episode of this piece of garbage.

It opens up with Wesley, looking all bad ass standing over a dead person, in a fancy suit talking on the phone, being ready to fuck more shit up. No, that is not a problem. What became a problem, was that despite him being the center piece of the promos, it took forever to get back to him.

Next, the story was approached with shoddy, quick direction, and with character interaction that was uncomfortably too familiar too quickly.

Besides the actors failing to live up to their job title, the characters developed and the plot (or lack there of? its hard to really pin point it) unfolded far too quickly as well, causing confusion before anything could come to make sense.

It was so bad, I had to shut it off before I could finish it. And mind you, without seeing Mr. Snipes on the screen, even one more time.

Wesley, stop putting your god damn name on things. I know you need that cash money to feed your hot Asian wife. But c'mon, read the fucking script first.

Why Blade? Whyyyyyyyyy!!!?!?!??!

Don't worry though. What did I turn my attention to right after?

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