Monday, September 21, 2015

Uh, hello?

There may be a few questions for us I imagine, for any of you fine people still out there aware of us. The biggest one would likely be where have we been?

I have a very simple answer for the two primary blog contributors.

I have been taking a very long shit. And Michael? Well, he has been enjoying coitus with the matriarch of your family. 

Now that we are finished with our respective outside issues, we are back in full blast. Or at least until I need to take another shit, in which Ill see you again when we have colonized mars.

So, I would like to touch on a few primary issues we may have missed discussion on.

Black guy is still president.

Dudes are chicks now (and that's ok)

Movies still suck.

Music still sucks.

Video games still suck.

You suck.

I suck.

That's about it. Thanks. 

Oh, and the whole anti vaxxer movement. You all suck especially. My two cents, which I never had a chance to share with you;

As humans grow past the norms of sustainable evolution, we are required to create things to survive. too many genetic variables exist for our species to be able to live off of solely organically grown/raised food. The same is to be said about vaccines.

We have been gifted with the capability to use imagination and science. If we didn't use these things, we'd have no artistic expression, and we'd have no lift past 35. So when we have, in our resources, something that will not only protect us, but by proxy others, I believe it isn't only our right to vaccinate our young, but our duty. 

So having hardly founded statistics based off of increasingly unrealistic ratios, not factoring other occurrences that could impact our youth, to keep them from being protected, is bullshit. Vaccines save lives. Always have. 

So stop with your uninformed bullshit, and/or your hipster garbage, and be responsible.

Anyways, as drab and sarcastic as ever, I am back to share words of...worddom? 

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