Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Do you believe in god?

Last night at work as I was putting misc. stuff on a misc. shelf, I swore, as I usually do. However, a customer heard me, and seemed to be taken aback. I looked over and up, and apologized up and down. He looked deep into my eyes and said
"No matter." And then they took off all his clothes. This was, of course, very shocking to me, and I just kept kneeling there, in the terror of the unknown possibilities. He then said
"I am the Duke!" As he began to levitate and spin, with a bowl of blue jello materialized into his hand.

As he spun and hovered, his body contorted and his bones crackled, all the while still balancing the bowl of blue jello. It wasn't long until he burst into flames and shot through the ceiling. I promptly decided to tell no one who didn't already notice, and went back to my shelf stocking.

A new topic; Chicks from my past.

Why do I keep seeing/hearing/running into them? As soon as such matters find their way into the farthest reaches of the back of my skull, in come more reason to dwell on old thoughts. Fate heeds I conquered the unconquered? It makes you wonder. Bah di di dum. It makes you think.

Just thought of this after I had already typed everything else up. But resolve. Fate heeds I constantly test my resolve. I need not linger on past stomping grounds. I should just conquer the grounds those grounds reside within. Well put, me. Well put, you genius son of a man.

Fret not, minions O Mike, I will have Kee Mao sometime soon. Very soon.


~Xavier R.

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