Sunday, July 10, 2011

Head Fuckery, at it's Finest.

So I pretended I was a moron for five minutes and listened to a song by Marilyn Manson and well... just listen. I'll wait.

That's got to be the most offensive song ever.
Again, if you're handy dandy idiot goggles happen to be on.
Lets hope you didn't super glue them to your skull, you fucking moron.
Seriously, the only reason you're alive is because we can't put you down.

Topic: When is the last time you had your brain pussy penetrated? probably never like I'm about to fuck it.

Y'see you might have read a good book or maybe even seen a good movie that makes you re-evaluate the way you see the world. The first time you read a bummer ending is always better then ten happy endings because it's real and and it hits you hard. Slams the g-spot in your skull like the dirty whore it is and you love it.

I thought I had a pretty colorful repartee of books and movies under my considerable belt, until I asked my friend charlie about what books I should read.

My friend Charlie.

"I dont read fiction, but if I had to suggest a novel, the only one I would suggest would have to be 'House of Leaves'"
"What's it about?" I ask
"It's a book about a book about a movie about a house that's bigger on the inside then it is on the outside"

"You're shitting me, how long is it?"

"about 700 pages, it's got an index too, and footnotes. Some of it's footnotes have footnotes."

"Why the fuck would I even read that?"

"Reading it's like going insane, some of the pages are printed backwards, upside down, in braile, musical notation and some pages only have 3 and a half words on them. It make you feel claustrophobic"

And I bought it, and pretty reasonably too: its like a psychotic, obsessive compulsive college textbookand it's about the size of one too. 20 bucks, get it.

Love Big Mike.
Sorry for the late posts, I'm measuring my apartment compulsively alot these days.


  1. My mind pussy feels cummed in.

  2. I will pick up that text post haste.

  3. X, Don't spend the money if you haven't already. Because I have a copy to lend you. Bought this title with my first paycheck from work, funny thing too, it was the only copy they had.

  4. That works for me. However, to steal such an awesome power from you, we will need to set in stone when I shall be visiting your castle, if I still will be. Email would work best for such details.

  5. Thanks for lending me the book. Totally a different person than who I thought it was, haha. See you tonight.