Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is it weird that I stare when I masturbate?

Commercials me stupid. Even ones on the internet. I like candy. omfg what? Anyways, stupid commercials. I didn't even talk about commercials to bring up my unpaid advert for candy. See? What?

Everyone is the same pretty much. I'm sober as a kitten, and my brain is a box of tangerines. I'm smoking a cigar right now, and god damn it I'm ENJOYING MYSELF

XXX; Means dicking of vag, vaging of vag, dicking of dick, or mouthing of anus. I may have missed a few. Animals don't count. Sorry. For nothing.

The night before last I saw the last girl I've fucked. The night before that I saw the first girl I ever saw completely strip that I wasn't about to bone.

Here it is, the picture that always comes nowadays

 Goat Brie ftw,

~Xavier R.

p.s. An English girl once told me she'd have my "little black babies." Awesome.

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