Thursday, July 14, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever

Nothing like bloody gibs and playful misogynism to make for a good evening.If I'm not punching giant monsters in the balls after copious amounts of rockets to the face (its face), I'm playing against basement dwellers online, gleefully accepting constant demise as I vow revenge. Over and over. I love you violence. You too, internet.

Here's something that will hurt your soul;

This may cause damage also(or heal it, depending on your views);

Uh, about it.

Oh, I can't forget. Here is a thing I randomly stole of a news site to show how back into touch with "society" I'm getting. Did I even read this before hand? No. Shows you how much I care about things that aren't things I like.

Don't tip. They're racists,

~Xavier R.

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